Controller for all service functionality.

Controller provides all service information and can perform service tasks. Displaying the information is performed by the service mode or other components.

class mpf.core.service_controller.CoilMap(board, coil)

Create new instance of CoilMap(board, coil)


Alias for field number 0


Alias for field number 1

count(value) → integer -- return number of occurrences of value
index(value[, start[, stop]]) → integer -- return first index of value.

Raises ValueError if the value is not present.

class mpf.core.service_controller.ServiceController(machine)

Provides all service information and can perform service tasks.

Initialise service controller.

get_coil_map() → [<class 'mpf.core.service_controller.CoilMap'>]

Return a map of all coils in the machine.


Return a map of all switches in the machine.

is_in_service() → bool

Return true if in service mode.


Start service mode.


Stop service mode.