MPF plugin allows a machine to be controlled by an OSC client.

This mode requires pyOSC, It was written for pyOSC 0.3.5b build 5394, though later versions should work.

class mpf.plugins.osc.OSC(machine)

OSC plugin.

Initialise OSC plugin.

client_send_osc_message(category, name, data)

Send an OSC message to the client to update it.

Parameters: category - type of update, sw, coil, lamp, led, etc. name - the name of the object we’re updating data - the data we’re sending


Update the OSC client.

Good for when it switches to a new tab or connects a new client.

process_coil(coil, data)

Process a coil event received from the OSC client.

process_config(event, data)

Send config data to the OSC client.

process_event(event, data)

Post an MPF event based on an event received from the OSC client.

process_flipper(flipper, data)

Call the flipper’s sw_flip() or sw_release() event.

process_light(light, data)

Process a light event received from the OSC client.

process_message(addr, tags, data, client_address)

Receive OSC messages and act on them.

process_refresh(name, data)

Process refresh.

process_switch(switch, data)

Process a switch event received from the OSC client.

process_sync(name, data)

Process sync.

process_wpcsync(name, data)

Process wpc sync.


Add handlers to all lights so the OSC client can receive updates.


Add switch handlers to all switches so the OSC client can receive updates.


Start the OSC server.


Stop the OSC server.


alias of OSC