class mpf.platforms.smbus2.Smbus2(machine)

Bases: mpf.core.platform.I2cPlatform

I2C platform which uses the smbus interface on linux via the smbus2 python extension.

Accessing the smbus2 platform via code

Hardware platforms are stored in the self.machine.hardware_platforms dictionary, so the smbus2 platform is available via self.machine.hardware_platforms['smbus2'].

Methods & Attributes

The smbus2 platform has the following methods & attributes available. Note that methods & attributes inherited from base classes are not included here.

i2c_read8(address, register)

Read a byte from I2C.

i2c_read_block(address, register, count)

Read a block from I2C.

i2c_write8(address, register, value)

Write a byte to I2C.


Check if smbus2 extension has been imported.