class mpf.config_players.variable_player.VariablePlayer(machine: mpf.core.machine.MachineController)

Bases: mpf.core.config_player.ConfigPlayer

Posts events based on config.

Accessing the variable_player in code

The variable_player is available via self.machine.variable_player.

Methods & Attributes

The variable_player has the following methods & attributes available. Note that methods & attributes inherited from the base class are not included here.

clear_context(context: str) → None

Clear context.

get_express_config(value: Any) → dict

Parse express config.

get_list_config(value: Any)

Parse list.

static is_entry_valid_outside_mode(settings: dict) → bool

Return true if this entry may run without a game and player.

play(settings: dict, context: str, calling_context: str, priority: int = 0, **kwargs) → None

Variable name.

validate_config_entry(settings: dict, name: str) → dict

Validate one entry of this player.