class mpf.core.service_controller.ServiceController(machine)

Bases: mpf.core.mpf_controller.MpfController

Provides all service information and can perform service tasks.

Accessing the service in code

There is only one instance of the service in MPF, and it’s accessible via self.machine.service.

Methods & Attributes

The service has the following methods & attributes available. Note that methods & attributes inherited from base classes are not included here.

get_coil_map() → List[mpf.core.service_controller.CoilMap]

Return a map of all coils in the machine.

get_light_map() → List[mpf.core.service_controller.LightMap]

Return a map of all lights in the machine.


Return a map of all switches in the machine.

is_in_service() → bool

Return true if in service mode.


Start service mode.


Stop service mode.